Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 8 (Dez 27) - From Wellington to Golden Bay

Ferry navigating into Queen Charlotte Sound on the way to the port of Picton on the South Island

Dec 27 started off with a ferry ride from Wellington on the North Island across Cook Strait and along the narrow Queen Charlotte Sound to the Port of Picton on the South Island.  Beautiful sunshine, light winds, and a relatively calm sea made for a smooth sailing.
Swinging bridge over the Pelorus River between Picton and Nelson.

We were now in the Marlborough Region, which is of course best known for its excellent Sauvignon Blanc.  Vinyard after vineyard lined the road on both sides as we continued on towards Nelson in Tasman Bay.
Cora swinging in her favorite outfit on this trip - Thai elephant pants and a grey Yale-NUS t-shirt

The Pelorus River below the swinging bridge. In the Hobbit movie "The Desolation of Smaug", dwarves were filmed floating down this river in giant barrels at this very location.

Gudrun and Cora on a short hike amid native vegetation in the Pelorus River Valley

After Nelson we continued on a winding road over the Takaka Hill and down into Golden Bay, where we checked into two rustic cabins at The Rocks Chalets, our destination for the next three nights.

Overlook on the pass over Takaka Hill separating Tasman Bay and Golden Bay

Views into the Upper Takaka Valley from Takaka Hill

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