Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 20 (Jan 8) - Departure from New Zealand

Last morning in Queenstown - we found a place where heaven and hell are right next to each other

It seems Lord of the Rings is the official movie of New Zealand

Our own departure from New Zealand began with a beautiful flight from Queenstown to Auckland.

It was a very blusterous day and the departure from Queenstown took us through some very rough air before we reached an altitude high enough to fly over the Remarkables and then head north along the West Coast, over Golden Bay, and across the North Island.

20 seconds after takeoff from Queenstown

Last view of the Remarkables

Flying over Golden Bay, where we spent Dec 28 and Dec 29

Farewell Spit from the air at sunset.  We visited the spit in the evening of Dec 29.

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